About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!



Kadon Hodson is the owner of Azure Fox Media.

My Story

I grew up loving computers and everything to do with technology. I still love technology in all its forms.

I also love learning. This love of learning lead to teaching formally for a while and I still enjoy when I get to teach our clients.

I've been building things online for over 20 years. Recently, however, through listening to lots of podcasts and audio books I discovered an interest for marketing. Then, I discovered that what I really want to do is help small businesses grow. That lead to lots of online training, several projects, and eventually Azure Fox Media.

Azure Fox Media is my attempt to take my place in the crowded and noisy digital marketing space. I want Azure Fox Media to stand out as a company that cares about the goals of its clients, not just the goals of the company. Above all, I want to help my clients grow their businesses.